Public Stupidification

I wrote this back in the day. A good 10 months ago to be precise. It was just lieing around so I figured why the fuck not let the world know even more of my fucked up views. I know it appears to be a bit short but the notebook page to web transfer is comparable to a warn out sheep vagina.

The Dumbing Down of Our Nation's Populus In General

By Jason D. Zastrow Esquire

The VCR and TV combination are so convenient and entertaining to young children. Most parents have shied away from the classical fixtures of contemporary life and their own childhood. I think another reason why books are less popular these days is because of the high prices of said literature. The way society is today; an author cannot be content with just one book but an entire series with what seems to be daily installments of additional reading. So, in that frame of mind, parents find it easier to turn on a television set and have their youngins stare blankly at the "Idiot Box" for hours at a stretch. I am aware of the fact that some programming is directed towards educating the viewer. For instance, Bill Nye the Science Guy comes to mind. But then there are shows such as Pokemon. Which is nothing more than a corporate tool aimed at making somewhat intelligent people squander their hard-earned money on cheaply made toys. The said toys are of the variety of which children will play with for a week tops. These vultures create cheesy characters and kiddies today gobble them up. It really makes me sad to see things of that nature taking place.

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