A Large Fuck You

This is some commentary I have on a few of the product names and slogans floating around these days. This is brand new, let me know what you think.

Big Corporation Shit-On

By Mr. Jason D. Zastrow, Esquire

Dominoes: Good Pizza, Bad Andy:

Breathe Right Nasal Strips:
I'll be god damned, I never knew there was a "wrong" breathing technique!

Mountain Dew: Do The Dew:
Hows about I don't "do the dew", kick you in the nuts and then you DO ME

Star Wars Episode 1:
I think it should be called "Star Wars: Complete Debauchery Of A Classic"

Pepsi: The Joy Of Cola
I'm sure there really is someone someplace drinking a Pepsi and saying "This just could not get any better!!!"
It should go a little something like this: "Pepsi: The Joy Of Open Sores In Your Mouth"

McDonald's: We Love To See You Smile...
Especially when we see you take a bite of the Big Mac that was just down Crotch Lice Guy's pants

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