Rapulatorians II

Here is another page of my assorted rap music lyrics. These are just some random thoughts that popped in my head. There's no real story behind them so just read them already, dammit.
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By Jason D. Zastrow Esquire

You say you can't stand my rap
Saying my music causes the same effect as epicack?
Eat the contents of my nutsack
Does my music make you sick?
Obviously you didn't hear me when I said SUCK MY DICK

If you get the chance you said I will boil
All I do is call every woman a whore and tell them to lube my nuts with canola oil
What's so wrong about that?
I ain't never raped no cat

I stand here with this noose around my neck
Waiting for the chair to tip
Bitches clowning on me because I can't do a motherfucking back flip

It's time you learned I'm not the one to be played
A couple of past lives ago I beat the shit out of Icabod Crane
You think my Sleepy Hollow reference is bad?
You don't want me to start in on your cottage cheese, pimply ass

Calling the Psychic Hotline every day
The only thing they tell me is that my bitch has been fucking the pool boy Ray
It's that kind of shit that really gets under my skin
The next time I see Ray I'm going to commit the ultimate sin
Grab him by the hair and rip off his legs
That's what I do to adulteristic cannibal fags
That's what he deserves, that motherfucking can of fish semen and eggs
All you can do is stand idly by and view the carnage
If you dare attempt to help him you know you'll end up next to him in the garbage

The following is more of a love song than rap lyrics. But I figured I'd put it here to take up space. Enjoy:

You want to bitch at me about my clothing
It looks like you're wearing something from the closet of Alabaster Wompskew
Who the fuck is that? You may ask
Why he's the man about to choke your ass
He lives in your asshole and only comes out at night
The only way to make him leave is a liquid diet
Make your shit all liquid-like see
There's no way he can fight the current

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