Rapulatorians III

As if you really needed more, huh! Check them out, I believe this batch is some of my best work.

Even More Raps
By Jason D. Zastrow Esquire

What is my inspiration?
Why it's Gina, my friendly anal palpitation
Otherwise known as an ass attack
She'll strike without warning and break your fucking back
She strikes when you least expect
She pulls out a 9 and places a couple rounds in your neck
Although Gina is a strict believer in nonviolence
She won't hesitate in the construction of your new eyelids
You see Gina's only coming real
She's waiting to give your neck a feel
She raps her hands tight and doesn't let go
Until your ass is dangling like a midget's tiny jizz blow
Gina doesn't discriminate
She'll kill your ass if you're white, black, fuck she'll even kill an albino prison inmate
Some say she's sick and twisted
She once ate the head of a baby chicken
The only thing twisted is your spine
When's she's done your dental records won't even align

The only thing I'll ever hump
Is a freshly cut tree stump
There's nothing like the feel of pine ruts
Especially the slivers I get in my nuts
You think It's bad that I admitted to fucking a tree?
Well then you obviously never experienced the serenity
A maple won't bitch at you when you're late
And I bet it'll never cut your dick off if it catches with another chick on a date

I've got all kinds of weapons to choose from
Weed whackers, chain saws, even the occasional leaf blower
Shit, I killed Howdy Doody with a fucking riding lawn mower
Chopped up his wooden ass like he was nothing but rust
I had to chuckle when his head went through the blades and came out saw dust
His little painted face smiles no more
Now that the world knows he was just a whore
He thought he was the shit, the one to boast
Now he's nothing but compost

If Rush Limbaugh ever starts frontin
I'll tie his fat ass up, strap a saddle on him and dry hump his belly button
He claims to be a Right Wing Liberal
Yet wasn't it a donkey I saw him sticking it to?
Fucking the ass in it's ass
Screaming good burro while he spanked it's anal pass
Haha Rush who's the fucker now?
You don't want me to tell them about your romance with the sow
Pig! Pig! Pig! SUUUUEEE is all I heard
The day I took a trip to Rush's perverted animal farm

All these artists going on a tirade
Because of all the music I pirate
You think I can be stopped by a copyright?
Your ass is lucky if I stop when you lose your sight
Taking me off of Napster, saying I'm barred
Just because I don't buy your album like every other retard
That's right, Metallica can eat my hand embroidered shall
If I ever meet Lars Ulrich I'll colapse his intestinal wall
Metallica is nothing but a bunch of male solicitors
Looking for guys to blow and crying because their music is for inbred honkey muck rakers

I bet while you're reading this some of it is making you pissed
Well let me be the first to introduce you to my fist
It hits your forehead with quite a thud
Leaving a mark similar to the one you got from the dick smack you received from Elmer Fudd
He wasn't hunting wabbit when he tossed your salad
He was eating your ass and remarking about all the dicks bigger than yours he has had
I believe I just called you a little-dicked faggot
What you going to do about it? Send you daddy over to impregnate my ferret?
Shit I take it all back seeing how you turned out
I would never want my ferret to have offspring with much degout
So what if you have 5 or 6 extra chins, that's not what your boyfriends complain about
Your 3 inch spaghetti thin dick is reason enough
I guess you have life pretty rough
Being mistaken for a two year old
Every time you drop your pants you deserve a scold
Letting something that small out into the open
I'm surprised you can piss without your package becoming broken

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