Rapulatorians III

Here's some more of the shitty variety. Hey it is more material so shut your stupid ass up before i become violent.

Yet Again, More Raps
By Jason D. Zastrow Esquire

You oddly resemble the cat I give head
Yes you do look dead
Don't worry, he enjoys it
Why must you act so damn frantic?
All I'm saying is I blow a dead cat
He's a hemopheliac
Please be nice, he is sensitive
Unlike your momma he aint expensive
Shit, I give him a sponge bath and he's good to go
Your flabby momma must have had a hell of a lot of seeds to sew
I see bitches like you all over this land
Hermaphrodites and inbreds of your caliber will surely kill this man
Your kind does fill the trailor parks nicely
I hope your cable descrambler box wasn't too pricey
It must be tough being a no-good dirty hick
Having the tiniest balls and dick
It's also rough having to dig for food in dumpsters
While your mom's being fucked by every guy in Custer
Yeah that's right I called her a concubine
But I'm not complaining since all it takes is a dime
Don't get me wrong, I'd pass her up for a musk melon
I don't care who you're tellin
Assemble a huge posse of dumb fucks at my house
I'll give you all the finger then knock your lights out
Did I mention your mother's a whore?
The other night I got there at 10 and didn't leave til 4
In the afternoon, asshole
If you doubt me I'll puncture both of your lungs with one blow
I won't stop with your lungs, Tude
By the time I'm done you'll be lucky if you can eat solid food
You're startin shit you don't want to be startin
Pretty damn soon I'll grab my axe and it won't be your hair I'm partin
It's finally time you realized I'm the best
What the fuck? You think a tit should be called a breast?
That's right you better keep your mouth shut
I'll rip your hair out and glue it in your butt
Your daddy won't like that, will he
After I'm done with you I'll beat his ass silly

I bet right about now you think I'm pretty damn debonair
Because my body's completely barron when it comes to nut hair
You don't want to know my name
When I'm through with you your asshole and face will look the same
Some people have gone so far as to call me gay
Fuck that! So what if I masturbate so much my scrotum is a pale shade of grey
Why don't you take a trip to the dude ranch
I'll plant a few spurs in your ass and fuck some burr thatch
After that I'm gonna throw you into a field of cactii
When you scream is when I dowse you in ground up old man thigh
Accept the powder as if were toe nail clippings
Since that's what you're getting next, Dippy
I don't know what the fuck else to say
Why must you dirty bastards make me kill this way?
I thought one family would be enough
But no, Mr. Dickass needs to find dead pussy that's extra rough
Necrophilia is wrong and must be stopped
Your mother's dead ass head hit the floor and it popped
I never saw such an amazingly grusome sight
I stuck my foot in her mouth to kick her and she tried to bite
That's when I field goaledly punted her through a window
The bitch never saw it coming, stupid hoe

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