Rapulatorians V

Here's just a few to ease your troubled colon.

It's true, it's true, more raps!

By Jason D. Zastrow Esquire

I wish the Backstreet Boys would shut the fuck up
Next time I hear their music, off a cliff I shall jump
They sound like one gigantically fat African American girl
Every time I listen to them I hurl
They're the queens of TRL
I ain't ringin no dinner bell
These fems need to be stopped
If they ever show their faces near me, they'll get dropped
They won't see it coming until it's too late
They'll spend the rest of their lives in a hospital bed, vegetate
I'll pull out a phone cord and strangle them with the receiver
They're convinced I'm Beaver fucking Cleaver
I buy peanuts bulk and eat the shells
When I take a shit, you better believe it smells
I ain't talkin about fresh cut daisies or roses
It made my boy freeze like he was doing model poses
I've got a friend who always calls me Foo
A couple of weeks ago, up his ass went my shoe
From then on he calls me Mr. Foo
I puked when I ate cat poo
Christina Aguilera came over to my house
She started bitching so I shit on her leopard skin blouse
I told her to adjust her tampon
She fucked me in the ass with a strap on
I told her to leave when she used her fist
She got all pissy and kicked my wrist
She told me to bend over and cough
I did and my ass fell off

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