Rapulatorians VI

Here is yet another page of my assorted rap music lyrics. Is it just me, or does this shit get better with every update? I think it's more disgusting every time but then again who gives a fuck what I think... Read the shit, dammit.

Unholy, Rat Sphincter Raps
By Jason D. Zastrow Esquire

My rap you cannot comprehend
With one fluent motion I'll give your neck a backward bend
Leave your head attached at the shoulder blades
Then beat you like an innocent bystander in one of those riot raids
Never having fucked with me will be your one wish
After I rip your nuts off and feed them to my goldfish
Your scrotum, I'll save for another day
Maybe not, where there's a will there's a way
And where there's a way there's a will
Fuck this! I'm not paying this phone sex bill
No way I could have rang up $400
All I ever hear is my roommate letting out blood curdling hollers
That'll teach him to call a dominatrix hermaphrodite
Last time she shackled his balls and gave his dick a bite

You make fun of my Fleet Farm dreams
Keep that up and you'll be eating my Fleet Farm jeans
Are you staring at my Wranglers?
I'll turn your whole family into a bunch of nut danglers
You best not be dissin my casual work boots
Or your face and ass will be in permanent cahoots
I don't brag and I don't boast
If you hate Fleet Farm, you're fucking toast

I look for justification
For my respiration
Oh well, none
Don't get your ass all in a twist
I stopped doing that shit
I guess I no longer have a reason
As long as "You Know Who" doesn't OD, I won't have to commit treason
I do seriously mean that
I keep a dead rat in every trap
As a sort of a warning
I dry humped a frying pan made by Corning

You fucking bitches better hide
When I'm pissed I fantasize about a triple homicide
Then I realize things could be much worse
No they couldn't, get your ass ready for a ride in a hearse
I cut myself to make me feel complete
I guess I won't be truly happy until I'm covered with a morgue sheet
People tell me I think my shit don't stink
Fuck you, I know it does stink
If I hear you talkin shit I'm gonna leave you in a pool that's pink
I just lit another cigarette
That's right man, fuck Nicorette
That gum shit is only for pussy little cunts
You heard me! Oh wait a minute, I stapled your ears shut
My bad, please don't hate
You better not litigate
If you so much as think about taking this shit to the courts
It'll be your nuts I scorch
Your ass won't be too far behind
I'll be fucking it like a watermelon rind
Bitch why did you have to play?
Coming to me with all the shit you have to say
You, I'm not going to save
Now shut the fuck up and get back to digging your own grave

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