Dirty Pun Hounds

This is dedicated to all you fucks mentioned. And if you're reading this and you're not mentioned, just sit tight. You never know what I'll come up with.

My Homies
by Mr Jason D Zastrow, Esquire

A big fuck you to Garrette and Mike
And Nic, fuck you twice... MOTHERFUCKER
Keith and Jay
You're both so fucking gay
You give each other's asses so much play
Don't you ever get sick of the cum spray?
You can't even sit
You fucks have to stand to take a shit
Gina, what the hell could be better?
Maybe the cum stain of an Irish Setter
I'm just pulling your leg
I don't mind your obsession with Nic's douche bag
I even get a kick out of it
But what I enjoy most is Alyssa's constant diarrhea shit
Did you think I'd forget you, Sugar Tits?
How could I forget an ass with that much glamour and glitz?
If you call me Josh Sirkis one more time
I'll rip off your head and piss on your spine
And you thought you could write!
There's no end to my talent in sight
I'll keep on making fun of you mo fos
Until you get rid of me and hang with other hos
Don't even try that, you can't replace me
Who else would end your hunger with their knee?
No one, I guess I care too damn much
Well peace for now, it's time to hump Mark's butt

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