My Rather Large Genetalia

Don't ask me where the hell this came from. I guess you'll just have to read it and become very frightened with me.

45-Inch Dick
by Mr Jason D Zastrow, Esquire

I've got a 45-inch dick
It's 17 feet thick
I've got a 45-inch cock
I wouldn't even be able to cover it with a giraffe sock
I've got a 45-inch pecker
Pretty damn soon I'll use it to kill Dan Becker
A fucking 45 inch wang
A ride on it will cost ya more than a whole case of Tang
I've got more skin in my pants
Than 19 New England inhabitants
I'll knock your teeth out with it, bitch
My next-door neighbor scratches it when I have an itch
Sometimes when I'm bored I use it as a fucking pogo stick
My 45 inch dick
I've got a 45-inch penis
His name is Rhemus
My 45 incher enjoys a good rub
Especially after I use him like a golf club
My Pedro is 45 inches
I hit a man with him and he needed 34 stitches
I heard you say I'm sick
I know you're just jealous of my 45-INCH DICK

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