You don't like people who twitch?
I'll give you a twitch... right in your fucking ass, bitch
Why did you have to bother with all this shit? You could have just let things be
All you've done is proven a reinforcement of all the negative thoughts in me
I feel like killing my brain by huffing glue
Whomever you do end up with, tell him I say thanks when he fucking beats the shit outta you
John Cena had it right when he said: "My chances of winnin
Are slimmer than a busload of anorexic women"
You're dead wrong, you haven't won
I feel like callin up Paizano Vin and askin if I can borrow a gun
Nah, that wouldn't solve a damn thing
I'd much rather put your stupid ass in a sling
Rob Deer has always been my favorite Milwaukee Brewer
I've got Domka aspirations. Imma cut your ass up and put ya in the sewer
Yeah... I just don't know
Your fucking moms was right when she said you's a goddam ho
I'll blow smoke in your face because I'm glad we're friends
Then give you a homemade tracheodomy with one of my pens
I have so much anger in me right now, you have no idea
I want to hit your ass like the pyroclastic flow hit Crimea
Bitch, you got on my bad side
I'll stick you up worse than Bonny and Clyde
Mrs. Burroughs be cryin at ya funeral
You have no idea the kind of shit you pull
The next time I see you, you gettin showered in all kinds of feces
You're the type of bitch who makes me want to change my species

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